“The healing process is further hastened by energizing one’s self with positive thoughts and feelings.” ~Master Choa Kok Sui


The Dictionary meaning of this profound word is very simple – ‘To cease to feel resentment against’. The thought that goes through the mind probably is ‘Easier said than done!’ Forgiving is the biggest challenge everyone faces every day. Despite being the most unconquerable emotion; why forgiveness continues to be indispensable to attaining long term happiness, love and joy is something we need to ponder upon. What makes forgiving so imperative and why love and hope elude us till we do not begin to forgive? Read More…

Pranic Healing

Human body is one of the most complex and advanced creation on the earth. We feel very strong in a completely healthy state but as soon as a minutest component of this system gets affected, we feel extremely vulnerable. History of medicine and healthcare is as old as human civilization itself. We have developed sophisticated diagnostic facilities, laboratory tests, and personalized treatment system based on genome study. Still we are far from getting an assurance from medical fraternity that they have answers to our health problems. Read More…

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