Purpose of Prayer

The purpose of prayer is to keep a good atmosphere, to bring in good energy to your home and to purify your mind and your heart. If you sit with your eyes closed and go into deep meditation – that is the best thing one can do. There is a beautiful couplet in Kannada which says, ‘When your breath is fragrant, what is the need for flowers?’ When will the breath get fragrant? Only when you are meditating every day. When you are aggressive your breath is hot. When you are obsessed with desires, your breath is shaky. And when you have negative feeling and hatred towards something, your breath smells bad. When your mind is in deep love, very subtle, very peaceful, and contented, your breath has a fragrance. People go to Himalayas to find solitude. Why do you want to go there to find solitude! Everybody is part of you, you have become the world, the world is you. When you get this realization, then you see that there is no need of running away to Himalayas for solitude. Continue to meditate and you’ll see that these qualities are already present in you. Then every moment is living serenity.

~Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


A Prayer To Connect To The Divine

Feel HIS presence in your heart and around you. Thank HIM for helping you feel HIS presence and pray O God bless me with your Love, Faith in you, Purity, Forgiveness, Positivity, Patience, Courage, Peace and Kindness. Feel that all these are already there in you but God is awakening and opening them in your heart like a lotus and making them accessible to you. Feel grateful to HIM and sleep in HIS divine presence.

How to Offer The Prayer

  • Select one place at which you will offer your prayer everyday. Address your prayer to Bhagwan, Allah, God, WaheGuru, your Guru or the one you believe in. That one you believe in has been addressed as HIM in this prayer.
  • At the same time and place every night, after all your days work is finished, before sleeping, offer this prayer.
  • When you wake up in the morning, begin your day with the same prayer and offer your gratefulness to have gotten this day to perform and complete your duty.
  • Remain aware of HIS presence around you through the day. If, for some time you become unmindful of HIS presence, resume the awareness with a subtle suggestion and feel that HE was remembering you so HE was around you all this while.


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