“When you forgive, you love. And when you love, God’s light shines upon you.” 
Jon Krakauer


The Dictionary meaning of this profound word is very simple – ‘To cease to feel resentment against’. The thought that goes through the mind probably is ‘Easier said than done!’ Forgiving is the biggest challenge everyone faces every day. Despite being the most unconquerable emotion; why forgiveness continues to be indispensable to attaining long term happiness, love and joy is something we need to ponder upon. What makes forgiving so imperative and why love and hope elude us till we do not begin to forgive?

Our Sages and ancestors also tried to practice forgiveness in so many ways; they used to gather a group of people and ask them to throw their written grudges (e.g. non- forgiveness, hatred and anger) and burn them in the HOLY FIRE. It is believed that then they used to sit in the same group and ask others to forgive them and then they bless each other unconditionally and hug each other as a gesture of absolute forgiveness. After that they pray to almighty God to bless all of them with holy love, kindness, and unconditional acceptance, happiness for their spiritual and materialistic progress. This graduate into a holy feast with narration of stories from our scriptures and some of them singHoly songs (Bhajans). Those days if somebody suffered from any disease, ailment or psychosomatic mental problems then these holy functions were the best times to help the sufferer or patient to help them in their healing through Ayurvedic herbs, herb pastes, and baths and finally through high divine energies with followed by forgiveness sessions with the help of holy Sages.

These forgivenesssessions were conducted by the spiritually experienced Sages or the KULGURU. He is empowered to manage the energy process well and is thus chosen by the people and society based on his credentials. This ancient custom, traditional method of forgiving is losing its grip in our present modern society. People want a quick fix for everything, even spirituality and forgiveness are sought in the form of pop in pills, and people have little time patience, faith or trust to give them the time to change, learn to forgive and grow spiritually.

Thus, this site and my sessions on forgiveness are a small step towards reviving this ancient and very effective method again. These baby steps I wish to take through the readers and visitors help, so that they can take advantage of these forgiveness sessions and benefit from them. And also help spread the word to others who may be in need but are yet unaware of this miraculous healing method.

To explain a little more about what we do and what this process is all about:

This process is based on the effect and relationship between our five bodies (Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Etheric & Physical) and our chakra’s energy. When we don’t forgive, we actually starts accumulating it in energy form and our body aura starts shrinking and we start to attract negative energies which cause stress, pressure on brain, affects our functionality and effectiveness and our chakra’s energy also gets affected. And due to all this our own thoughts, actions and behavior changes. When we don’t let out our thoughts, give them room for voice and expression, they become a part of our behavior. Our lack of response and the pain, suffering caused to us due to other person’s aggression, anger, hatred, abusive behavior, pressure etc. gets accumulated within us in the form of energy and it affects our state of being. This changes our thought patterns, actions, behavior and finally it directly or indirectly develops into any kind of mental, psychosomatic ailment, Organ failure and many more. So, it is imperative, a must, that we undergo these forgiveness sessions once or twice in a year. Rather as many times as it is required so that the accumulated non-forgiveness state of past(this life or previous births), condition from within us can be released and can save us, redeem us from lot of diseases, discomfort, behavioral problems, tension, anxiety, worry, depression, hatred, anger, fear, sadness and the list is endless. This forgiveness custom is very simple and very effective immediately.

The procedure and the steps being used are important in this. And, here are the steps, so that can build a trust relationship even before actually taking a session:-

1- Self Acceptance: Forgiveness helps in cleansing our inner self, being able to look within and constantly strives to stay clean. When we start looking deep inside, into the heart, which is a clear mirror; and see the reflection, we see our ‘ego’ – an exaggerated sense of conceit and self – importance which convolutes our mind and creates films over the heart. Forgiveness helps us learn that egoism is nothing more than the construction of the mind, which creates a false perception and separate one from one Self. Diligent practice and forgiveness sessions help us consciously strive towards forgiveness and brings self – acceptance.

2- Self-forgiveness: Our impression or our samskaras from this birth and many births before this come as the sack of potatoes and we are carrying this smelly burden from a long time, without our conscious awareness. Every chakra of our body is interconnected and plays with our emotions. Forgiveness is the only emotion which cleans them; helps the chakras to work as is best for the person. Forgiveness restores balance in the person. We have to forgive our self to begin with and become whole, healthy and divine again. Then we are ready to move to step three below.

3- Forgiveness for others: Forgiveness sessions under the able guidance of our expert advanced Pranic healer; who is doubly blessed; by his Spiritual Master and His own guru gradually teaches us and enables us to forgive. Forgive one – self first and then others too. . We begin to forgive and finally bless the person whom we have trying to forgive for so long because we now know and realize that it is the true key to healing, health and happiness.

4- Forgiveness from others through different mediums:Without being forgiven by others, this process of forgiveness can not be completed and for that previous steps are compulsory; then you become deserving to be forgiven by others. So, we pray to GOD almighty to intervene with HIS great divine blessings and help in getting forgiveness from others because we don’t know to whom we are requesting to forgive us, where they are, whether they are alive and in what form they are? In this process, we pray to other mediums also except GOD like, our own spiritual guru ji, divine mother, divine father, spiritual healers, healing angels, spirit guides and other high divine souls.

5- Blessings: This reconnection to the self helps us realize how lucky and blessed we are; we gain the humility to bless others too. Specifically, bless them who we thought had inflicted all those miseries on us! Thus, Forgiveness begins with the self and ends in being able to bless others. And finally, GOD blessed us with lot of divine love, happiness, joy and kindness for all humanity.


All this can happen very easily with divine love because divine love conquers everything. We know that love is divine but to understand love truly we need these sessions. Nowadays we all talk about love in this materialistic life which is not the real love, interpreted or understood as: liking, affection, lust, infatuation etc.

To understand above mentioned conditions you have to go through the forgiveness sessions. After going through these sessions the changes you feel are- you feel light, fresh, recharged, energetic, elated and strong.

These forgiveness sessions are done under PRANIC HEALING. Forgiveness sessions are available for all human kind (sick and healthy person). Because a healthy person can continue to be healthy and a sick person can become healthy and there are no side effects of forgiveness sessions. It can be taken from long distance too, via skype etc.

Forgiveness sessions can be taken from five to ten or 20 (as per your need). The signs that you do not need any further sessions are the feeling lightness, full of love, energetic, courageous, happy and grateful to the GOD Almighty.