Pranic Healing

Human body is one of the most complex and advanced creation on the earth. We feel very strong in a completely healthy state but as soon as a minutest component of this system gets affected, we feel extremely vulnerable. History of medicine and healthcare is as old as human civilization itself. We have developed sophisticated diagnostic facilities, laboratory tests, and personalized treatment system based on genome study. Still we are far from getting an assurance from medical fraternity that they have answers to our health problems.

Thousands of drugs are being manufactured and consumed by mankind around the globe but these medicines have different level of success on different people at different times. In many cases, there is no effect at all. There are numerous diseases that have no effective treatment in allopathic system. So many diseases are just being managed by heavy doses of steroids that cause more problems than benefit but people are forced to use them in the absence of any viable alternatives. Antibiotics once boasted as final solutions to all ailments are increasingly failing to be effective. Modern allopathic system considers either bacteria or viruses responsible for all diseases and thus these medicines try to destroy these micro-organisms. These organisms frequently mutate and develop new ways to render the current medicines ineffective. The scientists then develop a new drug to kill these new organisms and these organisms again mutate. Thus a continuous battle between so called disease causing elements and medicines to destroy them goes on. Have you ever thought of what will happen when the speed of mutation will surpass the speed of new drugs being discovered? Have you thought of a situation when normal fever will become life threatening in absence of effective antibiotics? How difficult surgery will become when there will be lesser and lesser effective medicines available for post-operative recovery? Various alternative medicine systems e.g. Ayurveda, Homeopathy etc. are being tried in different parts of the globe but none of them have proven to be a solid, predictable and effective in all circumstances.

The reason is abundantly clear; so far we have focused only at the outer manifestations of the symptoms of diseases. All treatments appear to be based on results of experiments performed on animals followed by trials on humans, some by planned exercises and some by mere coincidence (e.g. Penicillin). We have not focused on one basic question, why some people get a particular disease whereas others stay healthy while living under same external factors? The root cause of a disease does not lie on the environment. It lies inside. The real root cause analysis of diseases cannot happen if we limit the scope of analysis at the level of human body. We have to go into deeper layers, first at the levels of mind thereafter, the soul. Homeopathy has taken a few initial steps in this direction at least in diagnosis but their medicines still follow same empirical pattern.

The real solution to this problem lies much deeper. A life is born when energy gets imbedded into matter by nature’s action. This energy is the life force and once this energy leaves the body, what remains is matter that gets decomposed within short span of time. Therefore, the real focus of identifying and solving the problems will have to be on this energy (spirit) rather than on the material (body). When this energy gets affected or develops a particular weakness or susceptibility, it starts manifesting in terms of various diseases. When we try to treat these diseases based on some superficial art or science, we get temporary relief and limited success. Often suppressing these symptoms causes different other problems or diseases.

Pranic  Healing performed by Bhoo Prakash Sharma goes to the innermost depth of a being and the patches of diseases are identified at the energy level. Healing energy is then transmitted to the patient with potent thought capable of healing these patches and thus removing the root causes of the diseases. The outer symptoms automatically vanish and the real and permanent treatment takes place. Bhoo Prakash uses his Master’s energy for this purpose. Master has the capability to draw this energy from Para Brahmand Mandal (Super Cosmic Level) and thus an unlimited source of healing power. You are encouraged to experiment this revolutionary power of energy based healing and get rid of the sufferings and diseases. Numerous patients from various countries have been benefitted by this experiment of Bhoo Prakash.